Wednesday, February 15, 2006

isn't it romantic???

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. As a French teacher, this can be fun. I taught a love poem to my French 1 students and then had the others read crazy, over-the-top love letters that would warrant a restraining order were they to be real. I like it.

Even better, last night, Vik and I went out to a swanky restaurant nearby and enjoyed a lovely and decadent dinner. Upon returning home and snuggling up into bed to open cards and chocolates, he finally asked me to "spend the rest of our lives together". Hmmm, perfect. Mind you, we already had a wedding date, a location, and even a caterer. What we didn't have was the official proposal, which I have been waiting for impatiently over the last months. I am not a patient girl, and my poor boy had to undergo endless torment as I inquired, "when you gonna propose", "when you gonna propose", "when...." (you get the idea.)

So, last night he did it, ring and all. Actually, the ring is the coolest part of the whole shebang. Thanks to that lovely snowstorm from the other day, he couldn't make it to NY to buy the ring he has picked out, so he gave me a temporary placeholder, a fantastic silver ring that HE MADE out of polymer clay and tin foil. It is pretty impressive, to be perfectly honest, particularly since he'd never used the clay before! I showed my new bling off proudly all day today and am still beaming; I am one lucky girl and I love my man.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

oh goodness, look at the snow

Yesterday, I spent the day on the couch, watching shows recorded from last week in random bursts, contemplating my choices for Turin Olympics viewing, and being generally mopey and lethargic. It isn't that I wanted to be lazy, I've just found that TV is an enabler for such things, and the impending snow storm set to hit the East Coast made me want to curl up into a ball next to Vik, with my cat cozily warming my legs.
Today, however, now that the foot of snow is here (and it is still coming down), I have decided to boycott the TV for the day, in the hopes of getting some work done and feeling a little bit less like a total lazy bones.
Despite my last entry, a rant against life in New Jersey, I must admit that this place is pretty gorgeous when the snow falls as it is doing today. While growing up in New Mexico, I was treated to snowfalls at least a few times each winter, but the truth is that the snow drapes the land here in a completely different way. It comes in blankets, thick, cozy blankets of white fluff. These blankets cover everything, from the porch railing and the neighbor's roof to the narrowest of branches on the trees outside. The snow weighs everything down and seems to slow life down to a few frames per second, that is, except for its own blowing fury in the sky.
Everyone's hope today is that the snow might result in one much anticipated winter occurrence--a snow day. The anticipation is high. After all, the snowfall will have stopped by late this evening. Tomorrow is Monday. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the profusion of bright, fluffy flakes today will lead to my sleeping in just a bit tomorrow.

Monday, January 16, 2006

life in NJ

Not that this will last, but I thought I would try again to chronicle my life. (everyone else is doing it....) This time, I'll be delving into the rough and tumble of a Central New Jersey existence, one that I occasionally angst over, frequently ponder, and usually find to be a strange destination after looking at the last few years of my life.

So, here I am, in Cala's Odd World, one that involves my first real, real job as a high school teacher, planning a wedding, looking at the constant mess that is our apartment, and regular trips to Target.

Most exciting news of late: I bought a bike. Vik has been riding his to work daily for the last few months and has been hoping I might join him on rides--our way of escaping the car-cluttered transportation culture of our new locale. It is cool. A green machine with a comfy seat and a shock on the front. We tried to ride the other day, post-purchase, but the rain started coming down, and it seemed a poor time to try and deal with hills.

So, there you have it. A brief installment--somewhat grim for me, I should add--regarding life in NJ so far. I am sure there will be more to report. Perhaps, like a friend, this will be a way to keep in touch with writing. After all, teaching affords few opportunities to write, much less do anything else! (don't get me wrong, I love it, but it isn't as if I engage certain parts of my brain in the same way I did in grad school....) This might get the ole brain ticking again.